More about coral reefs!

Coral Reefs of Singapore
Information on status of Singapore’s coral reefs. Includes photos and coral reef survey results from past and recent years.

The Coral Reef Alliance
General information on the coral reef ecosystem. Includes threats and issues our coral reef are facing globally and what you can do to help conserve the marine environment.

Reef Base
An online information system and global database for the world’s coral reefs.

Learn more about coral reefs, and what you can do to help them!


Marine life in Singapore!

Wild Singapore
A lowdown on the nature areas in Singapore, current nature news and activities, and links to many other fabulous web resources.

Natural history in Singapore, including activities and online resources.

Online guides to nature in Singapore
Nature guidebooks published by BP and Science Centre Singapore, online for your reference.

Nudibranchs of Singapore
Online guide to the nudibranchs found in Singapore.


Nature Blogs!

The Blue Tempeh
A journal of marine conservation and sentiments: entries and photos on diving in Singapore and issues faced by our coral reefs.

The Hantu Bloggers
All about the marine life around Pulau Hantu and more! Also discusses conservation issues faced locally and globally.

ReefWalk Blog
A BWV ReefWalk diary by our guides: full of photos and stories from our intertidal walks.

Wildfilms Blog
All about the ups and downs of documenting marine life in Singapore. Spectacular photos and encounters on the wild side.

Labrador Park Blog
The flora and fauna of the rocky shore at Labrador Park, Singapore.
Raffles Museum News
Updates on the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity and Research activities.

wildsingapore news
A compilation of media and blog entries about nature and the environment that might be of interest to Singaporeans.


Research and volunteer in Singapore!

RESTPals mailing list
Think you would enjoy diving in 1m visibility? Don’t mind mucking around in mud at pre-dawn hours? Generally free on weekdays? You may just be what we look for in a REST volunteer.

for our volunteer mailing list and we’ll keep you informed of our field trips.

Reef Ecology Study Team
Marine biology research team in Singapore, under the Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore (NUS).

Tropical Marine Science Institute
A research institute specialising in all aspects of marine sciences including biology and oceanography, under NUS.