…………..bringing the reefs to the people

You can find the Reef Exhibits Booth at almost all BWV activities. Our exhibits are a useful platform to reach out to the public, showcasing pictures entirely taken in Singapore’s very own waters. Many people are fascinated that such rich and diverse marine life still exists in Singapore.

The public is also introduced to our BWV activites such as ReefWalk and ReefTalk and can sign-up for either events or join our mailing list on the spot.

The booth is also BWV’s fund raising vehicle and marine-related toys and books are sold to support our cause. You can also purchase some locally authored marine related books and guidesheets at our booth.

We are always in need of volunteers to help man the booth. If you’re a good salesperson, or have personal experiences to share, or just want to do something for marine conservation in Singapore,


 Our posters! Zee and Zainul Abidin whaley looking coy

If you want to volunteer for the ReefExhibits team, please email Abby at