ReefFriends is a volunteer based coral reef survey programme under the Blue Water Volunteers that aims to help monitor the status of coral reefs of Singapore. Bimonthly surveys are conducted using a combination of Reef Check and AIMS Line Intercept Transect (AIMS LIT) methods.

The participants of these surveys are all volunteers who have previously been trained in the above coral reef survey methodologies. They consist mainly of past SIF Youth Expedition Project (Marine Conservation) participants.

Since 2003, we have carried out once-yearly surveys of several southern islands, including Pulau Hantu, Sisters’ Island, Kusu Island, Pulau Semakau and Pulau Jong.

Results of these surveys are submitted to the National Parks Board, NUS Marine Biology Lab and Reef Check. This programme was initially sponsored by PADI Project AWARE, and is currently being sponsored by the National Parks Board.

You can view results and encounters from these surveys at the Coral Reefs of Singapore website and at the The Blue Tempeh’s blog. For more information, feel free to email our ReefFriends coordinators at