When the reef talks…

…it has something to tell

…will you listen?

Ever wondered what those ‘rocks in the sea’ (a.k.a. corals) are or how they came to be? Or what that colourful fish was? Or what goes on in that big blue ocean? Our ReefTalk programme aims to bring you answers to these, and many more questions about our marine environment.

The talks act as a platform through which Singaporean conservationists and experts can interact with concerned individuals and the general public. Our talks are free, and open to all, from as old as 5 to as young as 95.

The diverse topics presented so far include:
– Local marine life, what we can find in our backyard
– Singapore shores – mainland and islands
– Diving in Singapore
– Pulau Hantu – intertidal marine life and diving around the island
– Chek Jawa
– ReefWalks at Kusu
– Marine expeditions
– Exploring our shores – uncover treasures, hear adventures and mishaps
– Spineless Critters – facts on marine creatures that have no backbones
– Marine fish
– How do they do it? Get to know about coral spawning and reproduction
– The marine environment
– Underwater photography

We have scheduled 5 public talks this year, so do check our webpage for updates on topics and venue. Alternatively, you can sign up to be on our mailing list.

For further enquiries, please email